Meaning & Purpose

Strengths that give our lives meaning, including appreciation of beauty and excellence, thankfulness, hope, humour & playfulness and spirituality.

Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence

in the world around us enriches our daily lives.

Simple Ways to Appreciate Beauty & Excellence

  • Spend time outdoors and notice natural beauty around you, paying attention to all of your senses
  • Enjoy symmetry and patterns in the world around you
  • Notice rainbows
  • Take time to taste flavours in food
  • Watch the sun rise; watch the sun set
  • Take a close up look at objects through a magnifying glass, or microscope
  • Introduce plants, or a window box to your school, or place of work
  • Climb a hill, or tall building and appreciate the view from the top
  • Notice changes in seasons
  • Observe clouds, their shapes and the way they move
  • Try star-gazing on a clear night, or visit a planetarium
  • Notice the beauty in architecture and design
  • Visit an art gallery
  • Try drawing, painting, or sculpture
  • Observe the efficiency of a mechanical movement in a watch, or engine
  • Photograph simple everyday objects in ways that demonstrate their beauty
  • Watch documentaries about places and people that inspire you
  • Appreciate beauty in others
  • Celebrate the achievements of others
  • Watch a performer, or skilled craftsperson such as a musician, a dancer, an athlete, or a tradesperson and note the fluidity of their movements
  • Listen to a piece of music with your eyes closed
  • Keep a book of observations, quotations, or songs that you find uplifting
  • Admire the character strengths of others