Wisdom & Knowledge

Cognitive strengths that help us to learn, including curiosity, creativity, open-mindedness, love of learning and wisdom.


leads to seeking out new knowledge and experiences

Simple Ways to Practise Curiosity

  • Look for opportunities to aquire new information daily
  • Google a question you have about a topic and compare the information provided by the top 5 search results
  • Try typing 'what' 'where' 'why' 'when' 'how' 'who' individually into google. The auto-suggest will then reveal the top ten questions people are asking. You may wish to find out the answers to some of these, or note how these questions change over time.
  • Try to acquire information in new ways e.g. books, magazines, internet, film, television, radio, trips to museums, or galleries, attend conferences, use direct observation or experience, interviews, surveys...
  • Start a blog, online poll, or ask a question on an internet forum to find out people's opinions on a particular subject
  • Bookmark your top ten reference websites
  • Visit new places and countries
  • Try different foods
  • Make a list of 'unknowns' about a project or favourite topic
  • Replicate an experiment you've read about, or design your own experiment to test out a theory