Strengths that help us to live as part of a community, including teamwork, fairness and leadership.


is working well with others in a group, or team to achieve a common goal. Team members feel a sense of belonging and commitment to their team and take responsibility for helping to achieve team goals. Citizenship is a form of teamwork and involves working for the good of the wider community. To be 'responsible' is to be 'response-able', that is, able to respond.

Simple Ways to Practise Teamwork

  • Walk to school regularly with a group of friends
  • Join a band, or orchestra
  • Play team sports
  • With a group of friends, go along to support one of your school sports teams
  • Volunteer to join the social committee, or join your school's pupil council
  • Display posters promoting citizenship around your school, or place of work
  • Join a club, or form one with others who have similar interests
  • Form a group with other people to promote your chosen character strength around your school, or place of work
  • Encourage, or offer to help someone who is having difficulty
  • Volunteer to act as a buddy, or mentor to younger, or vulnerable pupils
  • If you are over 16, donate blood, or consider carrying a donor card
  • Offer to sweep, or clear snow from a neighbour's path
  • When you notice litter, pick it up and put it in the bin. You might even volunteer to be part of a litter-pick, or community clean up. By doing so, you're setting a good example to others and helping to create a tidier, cleaner environment in which everyone can live, work and learn.
  • Consider how you can provide a service to your school learning community
  • Organise food-parcels for the elderly
  • Practise global citizenship by taking part in a project to help people overseas. Operation Christmas Child is a project run by Christian charity, Samaritan's Purse that involves packing a 'shoebox gift' to send to less fortunate people around the world.
  • Organise for your school to be partnered with a school overseas, or if your school already has overseas partners, contact them by letter, phone or skype.