Wisdom & Knowledge

Cognitive strengths that help us to learn, including curiosity, creativity, open-mindedness, love of learning and wisdom.


is thinking things through and examining them from all sides. Open-minded people are willing to revise their own ideas in the light of new information.

Simple Ways to Practise Open-mindedness

  • Listen carefully to others' points of view before making your own judgement about an issue
  • Seek opportunities to debate and discuss current issues with other open-minded people
  • Consider how you might be able to reconcile two opposing views on a topic
  • Write an essay that requires you to consider both sides of an important issue, and write a conclusion based on your own judgement
  • When making decisions, use a 'decision-balance sheet' to consider the arguments for; and against a particular course of action
  • Watch documentaries, or topic-discussion programmes on television to inform your opinions
  • Practise gathering information on a topic from several different sources
  • Read sources of information critically and consider whether the author is taking a balanced, or biased view.
  • Keep up to date with current affairs in the news
  • Develop your critical thinking skills by considering the arguments against your position on an issue you feel strongly about